First blog post

Woah.. so here we go.

People don’t tell you how much your life changes in your late twenties.. I started a blog back in 2008 and was pretty religious about it for several years. I took some time today to sift back through it, mostly because I was interested in blogging again. Let’s just say… we will let that one stay hidden in the dark realms of the interwebs. (so embarassing)

So here I am, nearly ten years later, quickly approaching age thirty and reflecting on so many parts of my life. I realized how many more positive things consume my life in this age. Things that I feel are worth sharing, but in all reality no one wants to see this kind of stuff in their Insta newsfeed so I thought it would be better somewhere you have to look to find it.

So what to even share? I’m passionate about so many things, fitness, food, my job, technology, art, music… So I’ll just share it all.

So here’s to thirty (almost), kind of a new me. Definitely better, I think.

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