This week in macros : Hanger is real

So, just as a little backstory I’ve been flexible dieting or “counting macros” for about a year a half now. That’s really only a small piece of my life in fitness, but we’ll just start there for now.

I started a cut back in May which has honestly been a breeze up until this past week, seems like no matter what I eat I am still hungry. Like so hungry. Like kill people hangry. So I’ve done what anyone should do in this situation, and I’ve been trying to eat tons of volume. (aka veggies, and less junk)


I’ve decided, upon starting this blog that I’m going to try to get a little more creative with my food. I’ve learned a lot about cooking and nutrition over the past year (another topic for another day) and I still suck at it but I can always try right? Today was not one of these sought after creative moments. I had one of those moments where I just wanted to eat a lot of food.. that was also good, and that’s the beauty of flexible dieting is making it work. So for me, it was peanut butter and bananas for a snack and then two burritos for dinner. haha

We’ll try again tomorrow veggies.



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