Beef Up Your Pasta

If I could say one thing about myself when it comes to my relationship with flexible dieting, it would be that I’m an expert macro hoarder for sure. I’m not one for snacking really, and I love to eat big meals (usually about twice a day.) My favorite lately has been a mixture of pasta and zucchini noodles with a ton of veggies mixed in that I’ve been buying from a local farm here in Chattanooga. IF you get the zucchini noodles right.. you can hardly tell the difference.


I love to peel the zucchini first and then spiralize the rest to keep the color and texture pretty much exactly like regular pasta. Next thing you know you’re eating a huge bowl of Italian goodness that makes you feel like you could be at Olive Garden.

I’m no chef, but I’m starting slow with sharing my food adventures. So if you’re dying for a big meal and have the macros, here’s the recipe just for fun:

2 oz regular pasta
7 oz Zucchini (spiralized or use a Julianne peeler)
2 oz. Tomatoe
1 oz. Baby Spinach
2 oz. Mushroom
5 oz. Chicken Breast
.2 Cup of Newmans Garlic Alfredo

Boil your pasta as usual. Throw your veggies in one pan with some spray oil on medium heat and toss them around for 5-7 minutes or so. (or until they are wilted with a little crunch) Saute your chicken breast with whatever seasoning you love, and throw it all together in a big ol’ bowl just like OG.  Top it off with some cheese if you have the fats 🙂



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